Getting into the festive spirit, we gathered a few wine lovers to play “Secret Santa” and exchange some vinous gifts. Of course, we wanted to put a BYO Podcast twist on the tradition with a little blind tasting challenge. Each guest today has brought a special bottle of wine as a gift to be Blind Tasted by another guest. Each person will know who provided the gift, but will have to taste the wine blind and try to guess what the wine they’ve received is. SPOILER ALERT! Scroll down to the end for the full Secret Santa wine list. Special thanks to the great team at The 10 Cases in Covent Garden, in Central London who hosted us for the filming of the episode.

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Intro Song: “Islands” by We Were Lovers

The Wines:

Vassaltis Vineyards Aidani, PGI Cyclades, Santorini Greece 2015 Consolation “Juliette” Roussanne Sauvage IGP Cotes Catalanes, France 2015 Joseph Swan Zinfandel Mancini Ranch, Russian River Valley, California 2012 Clos Signadore Patrimonio Rouge, Corisica 2013

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